Community Aquaponics


The Door Campaign has partnered with The Aquaponics Project to place small-scale aquaponics tanks in Pittsburgh neighborhoods.


The tanks demonstrate the viability of aquaponics to community members, and highlight the remarkable benefits of harnessing technology that wastes less water, space, and energy.


Partnering with a team at the University of Pittsburgh, the Door Campaign has hosted a demonstration tank—built from a shipping container—in downtown Pittsburgh. Future destinations for the tank include Pitt’s campus, the North Side, and community gardens across the city, with tentative plans to create a permanent home for the tank at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.


The tanks also serve as instant conversation starters around pressing community topics like sustainability, food security, and healthy eating.


The Door Campaign also strives to raise awareness of the potential of aquaponics by partnering with a number of Pittsburgh restaurants and chefs to host events featuring appetizers and drinks made with ingredients, such as basil, grown aquaponically.


Students also benefit from The Door Campaign’s small-scale aquaponics tanks, taking an active role in maintaining the tanks and caring for the farm-raised tilapia.